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That feeling when your fan looks at you.

VIP FanClub is the official subscription fansite for influencers, powered by ManyVids

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80% payout

On all VIP subscriptions and 24/7 Customer Support - we’ve got you covered! *Featuring Macy Kennedy

25% increase

MV Stars increase their overall earnings by an average of +25% when using VIP FanClub. *Featuring TSBlondieNyc

+30% retention

After 3 months, MV Stars retain over 30% of their VIP FanClub members. *Featuring Manuel Skye

how it works

VIP FanClub is flexible and easy to use.
Monetize your fanbase in no time!

Promo Blaster

Use this powerful tool to help you effortlessly promote your VIP FanClub on Twitter.


Generate more revenue from your VIP FanClub subscribers by offering additional content only they can unlock.

VIP FanClub Plans

Create up to 4 price point offerings to entice and accommodate fans with different budgets.

VIP FanClub Trial

Assign one of your price points at a reduced “trial rate” to attract fans who prefer to try it out before fully committing.

Interact & Engage

Keep your fans subscribed longer by posting consistently and responding to their comments.

Prime Location

Create exclusive content : vids, pics, notes and 1-on-1 messaging!

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Monetize your fanbase in no time.

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Join MV, activate your VIP FanClub and set your monthly price to start monetizing private communications with your fans!


Send sexy pics, vids & notes regularly for your VIP FanClub subscribers to receive & enjoy!


Generate consistent monthly income for engaging with fans while growing your fan base and having fun. It’s that simple!



VIP FanClub is where I get to show my naughty side on a daily basis! I love having fun with everyone, we get into so much fun trouble. It is my FAVORITE platform to post on!


First of all, I Love VIP FanClub. 80% Payout, amazing platform, easy to upload vids and pics. The design, work speed, everything is just perfect and very easy to use. I'm proud to be MV Star!


VIP FanClub is a way that I can share all my off-screen naughty times, behind the scenes and nudes I take regularly with subscribing fans. It’s an intimate way they can get to know me outside of just my full content.

Lana Rain

VIP FanClub is an opportunity to integrate your fanbase with a subscription model that paves the way for exponential growth in a way that allows your supporters feel rewarded for being part of a larger ecosystem with some level of exclusivity.


I like to upload short video clips right away instead of waiting for myself to record/edit the rest of the video. Basically, I love using VIP FanClub as a random place to impulsively upload new vid clips while the main feature video is still being worked on.


VIP FanClub is just like having a backstage pass to all my best and most exclusive content. I love how easy it lets me keep in touch with all my biggest fans. I especially like how it offers a 80% payout to creators and provides a constant revenue stream that exceeded my expectations.

Ashley Aoki

I love VIP FanClub! it's a great way for fans to see more of me, and I love sending sexy pics and short vids to thank them for their support. I always hope that getting goodies from me brightens their days!


I love the idea of VIP FanClub. I like that people receive a lot of my content for a small fee every month!


VIP FanClub is the best tool to get immediate feedback for the content I post. It gives me the opportunity to keep my fans informed, updated and entertained by posting private photos and videos as well as teasers of upcoming content.


VIP FanClub is my favorite way to connect with my beloved supporters. It creates a truly exciting and naughty way to interact with all my crushes. This intimate connection with my fanbase never felt so fabulous!


VIP FanClub has been an awesome feature to help increase my income on ManyVids. It's a useful tool for the ever-evolving adult industry that is loving subscription-based content.


I love sharing my behind the scenes plans with my VIP FanClub! My subscribers are the first to know my ManyVids related news, and they get all my selfies & photo shoots!


I love using VIP FanClub as a place to post what's too steamy for social media! Being able to post as much as I want and chat with my members in one space is amazing! There's so many options for how to utilize it; the possibilities are endless!

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